Hawaii Streetwear and Urban Clothing Brands You Need to Add to Your Wardrobe

Hawaiian clothing isn’t just aloha shirts, dresses, and muumuus. Visitors of all ages come to Oahu in search of island-based urban, sport, and streetwear labels that they can rock when back on the mainland. And no, a Quiksilver, Billabong, Volcom, or Rip Curl shirt with “HAWAII” on it doesn’t cut anymore. Instead, you want to stuff your drawers with independent brands while putting money into the hands of local entrepreneurs. We appreciate your ambition, and we’re happy to give you the low-down on some of the coolest independent urban and streetwear clothiers on Oahu.

6 Urban Clothing and Streetwear Brands in Hawaii and Where on Oahu to Find Them

Farmers Market Hawaii

Hawaii Streetwear Brands - Hawaii Urban Clothing Brands
image: @farmersmarkethawaii

This edgy independent brand boasts a definitive Hawaiian warrior theme, emblemed with fierce tikis and cut to accentuate strength. Their limited release designs also take a sociopolitical stance, attacking governing bodies that seek to impede upon native Hawaiian rights and land. That said, FMH also has some fun, with logo mashups to pay homage to popular video games and the islands’ budding cannabis culture. FMH also backs a number of local MMA fighters which adds a sporty punch to their alternative streetwear. If you happen to be on Oahu for one of their new drop release parties be sure to check them out. 

Where to Buy: FMH has a warehouse / pop-up shop in Aiea (view here)

Ambassadors with Aloha || AVVA

Hawaii Streetwear Brands - Hawaii Urban Clothing Brands
image: @avvabrand

Become an ambassador of aloha by adorning your torso in AVVA t-shirts, long sleeves, sweaters, and hoodies. They may have an HQ in Santa Ana CA but they were born in HI and their designs stay true to the islands’ distinctive street and action sports culture. What sets this urban clothing brand further apart is the premium quality of design, materials, and stitching. Like with all of the labels on this list, we own a few Ambassadors-with-Aloha items and we can tell you with certainty that they are made to last, and impress.

Where to Buy: AVVA can be found (at press) in Honolulu at House of Mana Up and Local Motion.

Defend Hawaii

Hawaii Streetwear Brands - Hawaii Urban Clothing Brands
image: @defendhawaii

Like FMH, Defend Hawaii has a warrior mentality. The same says it all. It’s a label that is tailor made for those who want to keep Hawaii from losing its identify, but that doesn’t exclude visitors as the islands need your support to “keep the country, country” too. Of course, Hawaii’s culture is rooted in aloha, as is this brand, so insignias aren’t all sharked-toothed war clubs and the like. Join the cause to defend Hawaii and spread aloha, by wearing the allegiance on your sleeve.

Where to Buy: You can buy Defend Hawaii at Ala Moana Center and Pearlridge Center at T & C Surf Designs.

Hawaii’s Finest Clothing

Hawaii Streetwear Brands Urban Clothing

2023 Aloha Festival Collection Varsity Jacket

Hawaii’s Finest has the most diverse line of clothing and accessories on this list. But despite the casual swimwear, jumpsuits, summer dresses, and beach blankets they remain to be one of Oahu’s standouts in urban clothing and streetwear. The label churns out a huge variety of island-centric tees, tank tops, jackets, and hats to let everyone know what you’re all about.

Hawaii Streetwear Brands - Hawaii Urban Clothing Brands
image: @6sixtyapparel

Where to Buy: You can find Hawaii’s Finest within 6Sixty in Wahiawa (view here) but they also have their own brick and mortars in Kapolei (view here) and at Ala Moana Shopping Center on the bottom level facing Kona Street (view here).


Hawaii Streetwear Brands
image: @hilifestore

HiLife is a fairly recognizable Hawaii-based urban clothing brand. It’s not uncommon to see someone wearing one of their hats, shirts, or windbreakers on the streets of Los Angeles or San Francisco. However, the label with a monkeypod tree in its logo stays true its roots and honors “Hawaii life” through and through.

Where to Buy: HI Life can be found in Waikiki Beach on the ground floor of Waikiki Beach Walk (view here).

6Sixty Apparel / Pineapple Xpress

Hawaii Streetwear Brands - Hawaii Urban Clothing Brands
image: @6sixtyapparel

The vibrant 6Sixty Apparel shop stands in contrast to sepia-toned town of Wahaiwa in central Oahu. While the store sells shave ice and assorted snacks (making it one of Wahiawa’s “things to do“) they’re best known for their clothing brand. 6Sixty (and Pineapple Xpress) delivers a more playful take on island street culture, incorporating colorful graffiti and animated characters into their designs. 6Sixty also carries another Hawaiian urban clothing brand – Hawaii’s Finest Clothing (see below).

Where to Buy: 6Sixty has a shop in Wahiawa (view here)

Do you own an independent clothing label in Hawaii? We’d love to support your work! Message us on Facebook to let us know about your brand and learn more about how to get featured. 

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