Our top recommendations for Maui are coming soon (August 2023). Stay tuned! For now, please visit the Oahu section as the island is fully open to accept travelers from around the world.


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How to Not Look Like a Tourist in Hawaii

To begin with, there’s nothing wrong with being a proud tourist. Unlike some other tropical destinations around the world, the Hawaiian islands are safe for all visitors (with a few small caveats) so feel free to let your sightseer flag fly. However, there are a number of travelers who prefer to blend in when vacationing among us. How to not …

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Made-in-Hawaii Body Surfing Hand Planes

As your guide to authentic Hawaii, we have made it our mission to support local artisans. However, not all of their wares are found in Oahu’s best galleries. Some are functional works of art that connect people to activities on the island, including those that immerse us in the ocean. Given that you’re online and searching “body surfing hand planes …

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Is Kapahulu Avenue the Most Underrated Strip in Honolulu?

Kalakaua Avenue in Waikiki Beach? Overcrowded. Waialae Ave in Kaimuki? Overrated. These are two prime examples of Honolulu strips that the Hawai’i Tourism Authority wants to send you to. But there is one unassuming road around the bend of Waikiki that you must spend an afternoon exploring – Kapahulu Avenue. What’s on Kapahula that makes it Honolulu’s most underrated thoroughfare? …

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Most Romantic Places on Oahu

There’s a reason Oahu is one of the most popular places on the planet for proposals, betrothals, weddings, anniversaries, and vow renewals. The island is about as romantic as it gets. However, when people perform an online search for the most romantic places on Oahu they are inundated with Top 5 lists of restaurants, resorts, and pre-arranged tours. Forget all …

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Mark Cunningham’s Found Art

There is no shortage of art depicting beach scenes, seascapes, and waves in Hawaii. There are locally produced paintings, carvings, sculptures, and framed photos of salty subjects to be found in the best art galleries on Oahu. The artisan community on the island is as inspired as it is anywhere in the world. However, we want to draw your attention …

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Duke Kahanamoku Movie (Finally!)

As your guide to an authentic Hawaii, Duke Kahanamoku’s presence is felt throughout this entire site. His legacy is evident when we name the best place to eat and drink in Waikiki and even when we reference Hawaiian attractions on the mainland. He is why we honored our warriors competing at the most recent Summer Olympics. And for the visitor, …

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The Ultimate Surfer…Hawaii

The “core” is quick to point out that the World Surf League (WSL) and American Broadcast Company (ABC) collaboration known as The Ultimate Surfer is an abomination. But that’s only when no one else is looking. When 10 PM ET/PT (7 PM HST) rolls around, the popcorn is popped, soda is poured, and sofas are positioned around the tube to …

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Hawaii Representation in the Summer Olympics 2021

Hawaii has a notable history in the Summer Olympic Games, namely via Oahu’s favorite son – Duke Kahanamoku. The Godfather of Surfing made his name in the Olympics in 100m freestyle swimming over a century before the Sport of Kings (surfing) would be included in the quadrennial event. Duke brought 3 gold and 2 silver medals back to Hawaii over …

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Best Hawaii Vlogs and Podcasts

The popularity of vlogs and podcasts have skyrocketed of late, with viewers and listeners tuning in to keep abreast of things that are of interest to them. For the travel industry, they serve two purposes. For one, they give travelers insight into things-to-do and what to expect prior to visiting a destination. But they also provide a digital bridge to …

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Most Hawaiian Cities on the Mainland

Need a fix of Hawaiian culture and the aloha-spirit? Can’t make it to the islands anytime soon? We understand your grief, but you may find relief where you are on the mainland. While there is a little slice of Hawaii in almost every major city across the U.S.A. (we’ll help you find it) there are a few select places with …

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Best Shave Ice in the World

Ululani’s Shave Ice 819 Front Street, Lahaina, Maui, HI Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice in the old whaling town of Lahaina may very well be the best rated shave ice shop of all time and now has five locations in Maui (and counting) after demand skyrocketed for this fine frozen delicacy. We expect to see a sixth some day soon. Ululani’s …

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Which Hawaiian Island to Visit First

While there are eight main Hawaiian Islands, two (Niihau and Kahoolawe) are forbidden, and two others (Lanai and Molokai) make more sense for those who have already experienced the other more populated among the archipelago. These final four are primed for first time visitors, with each boasting its unique own offering for the uninitiated. Today. we’re providing succinct but informative break down this …

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