Best Outdoor Places to Eat Near You in Waikiki

There is certainly no shortage of places to eat around Waikiki Beach in Honolulu Oahu. However, you’ve escaped the mainland for a tropical paradise for a good reason and plan to spend as much time outdoors as possible, which includes the time you devote to food and drink. For this reason you’re on the hunt for the best outdoor places to eat near you in Waikiki. We’ve got you covered. But instead of recommendations of eateries that have indoor dining with a lanai (pretty much all restaurants in the resort community) we’re turning your attention spots that are outdoor-only. They offer the experience real travelers such as yourselves are looking for when visiting the islands. Let’s review!

Top 3 Outdoor Casual Dining Places Near You on the South Shore of Oahu and in the Waikiki Area

Barefoot Beach Cafe Waikiki

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Best Outdoor Places to Eat Near Me in Waikiki Beach

This outdoor eatery is aptly named given that patrons can literally walk-up barefoot from Waikiki’s Queen’s Surf Beach or Kapiolani Park to place their order. Barefoot Beach Cafe overlooks the ocean with both shaded and sun deck seating. It’s an idyllic spot to watch the sunset (come early to beat the rush) and in the evening the deck is lit up with a string of lights as Hawaiian reggae tunes fill the air. The food is a big step above traditional “beach concession” and the presentation (see below) is Instagram-worthy to say the least, and yet the prices remain very reasonable. View their full menu here.

Best Outdoor Places to Eat Near Me in Waikiki Beach

Pau Hana Place Waikiki

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Best Outdoor Places to Eat Near Me Waikiki Beach Honolulu - Pau Hana

Pau Hana Place Waikiki open its doors (err…deck) along Ala Wai Harbor between Waikiki and Ala Moana Shopping Center in the spring of 2023. The outdoor space is whimsically decorated with big and bold constructs that let patrons know that they are in the Hawaiian Islands. At press (autumn 2023) there are just two on-site eateries occupying Pau Hana Place, but there is definitely room to bring in other food trucks and stands. Thus far, the food is average (not bad by any means) but the atmosphere is honestly the biggest draw. If you manage your expectations and come ready to take lots of photos you’ll have a great time. View additional photos and more on Pau Hana Place Waikiki.

Kewalo Basin Harbor Food Trucks

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Best Outdoor Places to Eat Near Me in Waikiki Beach - Kewalo Basin

The Kewalo Basin Harbor food truck collective is similar to Pau Hana Place Waikiki (above) but is located further west down Ala Moana BLVD in Kaka’ako which just so happens to have a great farmer’s market every Saturday. That being said, we recommend visiting the Kewalo Basin Harbor any day of the week. Not only is the waterfront setting picturesque, there is a great selection of eateries including Crispy Grindz (Brazilian), Elephant Shack (Thai), Tacos de Cacheton (Mexican), Bento Box (Japanese) and Banana Chocolate Dipped Frozen Bananas. View additional photos and more on Kewalo Basin Harbor food trucks.

Do you have any questions about the best outdoor places to eat near you in the Waikiki area? Leave them in the comment box below. We’re more than happy to return for a taste test and “good times” inspection.


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