Shark’s Cove Food Trucks

Best one-stop spot to feed everyone in your group on the North Shore

Sharks Cove Food Trucks North Shore Oahu

Across the street from the North Shore’s most famous snorkeling spot, Shark’s Cove, is one of the best food truck collectives on the island. With over half a dozen mobile eateries to choose from, the picnic area collects hungry surfers, beachgoers, and sightseers alike.

Food Trucks at Shark’s Cove Pupukea

Aji Limo

Sharks Cove Food Trucks - Aji Limo Food Truck

Best outdoor decor among the Shark’s Cove Food Trucks

North Shore Tacos

Shark's Cove Food Trucks - North Shore Tacos

The Beach Burrito at North Shore Tacos

Shark’s Cove Grill

Details coming soon.

The Sunrise Shack

Details coming soon.

North Shore Shave Ice

Details coming soon.