Our top recommendations for Maui are coming soon (August 2022). Stay tuned! For now, please visit the Oahu section as the island is fully open to accept travelers from around the world.


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Made-in-Hawaii Body Surfing Hand Planes

As your guide to authentic Hawaii, we have made it our mission to support local artisans. However, not all of their wares are found in Oahu’s best galleries. Some are functional works of art that connect people to activities on the island, including those that immerse us in the ocean. Given that you’re online and searching “body surfing hand planes …

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Mark Cunningham’s Found Art

There is no shortage of art depicting beach scenes, seascapes, and waves in Hawaii. There are locally produced paintings, carvings, sculptures, and framed photos of salty subjects to be found in the best art galleries on Oahu. The artisan community on the island is as inspired as it is anywhere in the world. However, we want to draw your attention …

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Duke Kahanamoku Movie (Finally!)

As your guide to an authentic Hawaii, Duke Kahanamoku’s presence is felt throughout this entire site. His legacy is evident when we name the best place to eat and drink in Waikiki and even when we reference Hawaiian attractions on the mainland. He is why we honored our warriors competing at the most recent Summer Olympics. And for the visitor, …

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