Our top recommendations for Maui are coming soon. Stay tuned! (July 2021). For now, please visit the Oahu section as the island is fully open to accept travelers from around the world.


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Best Hawaii Vlogs and Podcasts

The popularity of vlogs and podcasts have skyrocketed of late, with viewers and listeners tuning in to keep abreast of things that are of interest to them. For the travel industry, they serve two purposes. For one, they give travelers insight into things-to-do and what to expect prior to visiting a destination. But they also provide a digital bridge to …

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Most Hawaiian Cities on the Mainland

Need a fix of Hawaiian culture and the aloha-spirit? Can’t make it to the islands anytime soon? We understand your grief, but you may find relief where you are on the mainland. While there is a little slice of Hawaii in almost every major city across the U.S.A. (we’ll help you find it) there are a few select places with …

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Best Shave Ice in the World

Ululani’s Shave Ice 819 Front Street, Lahaina, Maui, HI Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice in the old whaling town of Lahaina may very well be the best rated shave ice shop of all time and now has five locations in Maui (and counting) after demand skyrocketed for this fine frozen delicacy. We expect to see a sixth some day soon. Ululani’s …

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