The word "YAH" is a definitive Hawaiian pidgin expression that is used to conclude an open ended sentence, as in "Ey, dis is da kine, yah?". YAH is also an abbreviation for You Are Here, giving it a double meaning for this online resource which is dedicated to finding Hawai'i, where ever in the world you may be. That's right, in addition to providing a guide to the best activities and attractions on the islands we also help you discover where the hidden Hawaiian gems may be in your very own city. After all, you're not always able to hop on a 6 hour+ flight for a cup of Kona coffee.

We want to hear from you too!

Is there an authentic Hawaiian restaurant, market, or other attraction in your city? We will be launching our guide in mainland cities and towns in 2024. We’re fine tuning everything for the Hawaiian Islands through 2023. That said, our crew is working diligently behind the scenes and are adding new destinations by the day. All it may take is one poke joint or shave ice shack to get your city on our growing list. Message us through our Facebook page with the details and we’ll look into it right away.

Mahalo for supporting the Hawaiian Islands and the culture that the entire world has embraced.


Editor ~ Marcus Maraih

P.S. The YAHglobal Hawaiian Travel Guide is not affiliated with the old YAHglobal Travel & Entertainment (inc 2013). That company no longer exists.