Can You Visit Turtle Bay Resort for the Day?

If you can afford it, the new and improved Turtle Bay Resort is worth it. However, not everyone can or wants to spend over $700 a night for a standard room, no matter how beautiful it is. That said, you’ve heard great things and have seen all of the movies that were filmed on the property. As a result, you want to check it out but are wondering if you’re allowed to when you’re not a registered guest. Can you visit Turtle Bay Resort for the day? Yes, you can. Better yet, you don’t have to sneak around nor have a keycard to enjoy most of its on-site and adjacent attractions. Below is a breakdown of how to spend your budget-friendly day on the property.

How to Enjoy a Full Day at Turtle Bay Resort Even When You’re Not Staying There

Curl Up With a Good Book in the Lobby

Can You Visit Turtle Bay Resort for the Day

The welcoming vibe is immediate from the moment you walk into the expansive lobby. Begin your day with a speciality espresso and pastry at Ho’olana Cafe which is located behind the inner reception area. You can enjoy free-for-all WiFi and scroll through your mobile device, but wouldn’t a good book be a nice change of pace? There is plenty of seating by the cafe, but you can kick back by the infinity fountain lounge (picture above). That said, our favorite spot is found near the entrance of the resort. There you will found a cozy nook with a fully stocked library of surf and island literature that you’re welcome to enjoy. Hotel staff encourages visitors to enjoy the space so feel free to take advantage.

Learn About Hawaiian Culture on a Self-Guided Tour

Can You Visit Turtle Bay Resort for the Day

The walls and halls of the property are adorned with a number of installations that honor Hawaiian culture. We encourage you to spend an hour of your day visiting Turtle Bay Resort to explore it all. Most notable is the Ahupua installation. The exhibit recognizes the ancient Hawaiian land management system that regulated and sustained resources for the Hawaiian people for centuries.

Take a Surf Lesson with Jamie O’Brien

Can You Visit Turtle Bay Resort for the Day

While this is a budget-friendly guide for how to visit Turtle Bay resort for the day, why not invest in something that will make future visits to Oahu even better? Turtle Bay has an on-site surf school that is operated by none other that pro-surfer and YouTube personality Jamie O’Brien. While JOB is rarely there to give lessons himself, his enthusiasm and stoke is embedded in all of the instructors. You may even recognize some of them from his vlog. View more on the Jamie O-Brien Surf Experience.

Snorkel in the Protected Cove

Can You Visit Turtle Bay Resort for the Day

The property is home to Kuilima Cove, which is one of the top places to snorkel on the North Shore. The cove is protected by reef, which keeps out current, waves, and larger forms of sea life. You’ll still enjoy sea turtle sightings and a colorful array of tropical fish, although it does get a little crowded with two-legged air-breathers. Ultimately, Kuilima Cove is an easy place to snorkel which makes it a big draw for people who don’t want to put forth too much effort. It fronts a sandy beach that has showers, restrooms, and Roy’s Beach House – a great place to eat once you’ve had your fill of saltwater.

Visit a Nearby Secluded Beach

Can You Visit Turtle Bay Resort for the Day

Snorkeling at Kuilima Cove is fun for some, but you may prefer your beaches to be more private. You’ll be pleased to know that the resort is located next to one of the best secluded beaches on the North Shore. It’s odd that so few guests of the hotel explore this beach, but their loss is your gain. If you need a quick break from the crowds when spending the day at Turtle Bay, sunbathe at this beach for an hour, then hop right back into the action.

Wind Down and Mingle at the Ocean Club

Can You Visit Turtle Bay Resort for the Day

Aside from Ho’olana Cafe, there are seven other places to dine at Turtle Bay Resort. If you want to enjoy an affordable light meal over cocktails and craft beer with an impeccable view then plop down at Ocean Club. The lobby bar is where guests (registered and otherwise) congregate to eat, drink, relax, and mingle. After a few pulls of Kona Brewing Company tap handles you’ll be making friends with fellow travelers and locals alike.

Can You Visit Turtle Bay Resort for the Day

Do you have further questions about what it’s like to visit Turtle Bay Resort for the day when you’re not a guest? Leave a comment below and we’ll reply.


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