Ala Moana Beach Park Feral Cats

Authentic cat-lover experience on Oahu

Ala Moana Beach Park Cats

There are trendy cat cafes on Oahu. However, we don’t count them as a recommended activity or attraction given that there is nothing inherently authentic about them as an island experience. So what’s a feline lover to do when on Oahu? Spend an early evening (dinner time) at Ala Moana Beach Park.

Along the jetty that runs between the beach park and Kahanamoku Lagoon are feral cats that live off of crab and other forms of sea life that get lodged between the rocks. In the past the cats kept away from people, but as locals caught on and began to feed them they became accustomed to humans. They remain cautious, but perch upon the rocks long enough to pose for pictures. A few may even let you pet them.

Ala Moana Beach Park Cats

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