Arnold’s Beach Bar Waikiki

Best dive bar in Waikiki Beach

Arnold's Beach Tiki Bar Waikiki

Arnold’s Beach Bar (aka Arnold’s Tiki Bar) is the quintessential hole-in-the-wall watering hole. But what it lacks in panache and air-conditioning it makes up for in aloha spirit. That, and it’s a low cost place to get tipsy with friends and strangers (soon to be friends) alike. Located somewhere down the middle of Saratoga Road on the western outskirt of Waikiki you would never notice it unless someone (this site included) pointed you in the right direction. And that’s all part of the charm because if there was ever a line-up outside it would be a real bummer. That said, Arnold’s is well-known among the mainland tiki community (it’s a thing) so you will find some excitable parties popping in to order a Pipeline Porter while snapping photos of the tiki carvings that guard the main entrance and pepper the walls within. If you want to escape the bustle of Waikiki and have a beer or cocktail in a proper palm-thatched dive bar this is where you need to be.