Banzai Skatepark

Best skatepark (for skating and watching) on Oahu

Banzai Skatepark North Shore Oahu

It may seem a little out of our wheelhouse to feature a skatepark on our guide to experiencing a more authentic Hawaii, but this is not your average skatepark. “Banzai Rock” is a breeding ground for some of Hawaii’s top talent in action sports – those who have and will one day represent Hawaii in the Olympic Games. While you and/or your kids (whomever rides in your ohana) will enjoy a few hours at the park, it’s also a place to see and be seen. Banzai Skatepark is frequented by the likes of World Champion surfer John John Florence and a number of other big names on the pro-surfing and skating scene alike. It also plays host to a variety of industry events such as the VANS Duct Tape Invitational. Lastly, it provides amateur and professional photographers with alternative (and colorful) subject matter beyond beaches, waves, and palm trees. Banzai Skatepark showcases a unique side of Hawaii and the North Shore, making it a must-see even if you’re just a fly on the wall.

Banzai Skatepark North Shore Oahu

A hybrid of Hawaii’s surf and skate culture