Bishop Museum Honolulu

Best Hawaiian cultural attraction in Honolulu

Bishop Museum Honolulu

Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum offers respite from the diluted and often exploited Hawaiian culture that you may come across throughout much of Honolulu. It is home to an exquisite collection of carefully curated artifacts and replicas from the island chain’s storied history, and houses them in an expansive, enthralling, and perfectly dim lit atmosphere that helps you forget the bustle found outdoors. It’s not just centuries-old poi pounders, gourds, bowls, and royal capes and head dressings, but shark-tooth weapons, fierce tiki carvings, and original alaia surfboards. No matter your age and penchant for history (or lack thereof) Bishop Museum will have you gain an even deeper appreciation for the culture that you’ve only just wet your beak with. Take some time away from the beach, shuttle bus tours, and shopping excursions and instead devote a couple of hours exploring Bishop Museum.


Adults $24.95

Seniors (65+) $21.95

Youth (4-17) $16.95

Keiki (0-3) FREE

Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum Honolulu