Clark Little Gallery Haleiwa

Best wave photography shop / gallery on Oahu

You know that picture of the wave you use as the wallpaper on your smartphone, tablet, and laptop? There’s a 99.99% chance that it’s one of Clark Little’s.

As far as we’re considered, he is the inventor of the close-up and in-the-barrel wave image. There are many (and we mean many) imitators but only one Clark Little. So if you’re on the North Shore and you plan on buying a wall-hanger, board shorts, or t-shirt with a wave photo printed on it, then this is the only place to buy it from. Little puts his body in harm’s way of big waves for the sake of his art and your pleasure. Shop accordingly.

Clark Little Gallery Haleiwa on the North Shore of Oahu HI

Clark Little at “the office” aka Ke Iki Beach

Photo credit: Marcus Maraih (aka M.Ocean)