Coco Hut at Sunset Beach

Best place to get a quick and delicious smoothie when cruising the North Shore

Coco Hut Sunset Beach Smoothies

There are no shortage of places to get a fresh blended smoothie on the North Shore, but the most convenient and perhaps the most satisfying is found at the practical Coco Hut trailer that is parked at Sunset Beach each day after 2 PM.

This little mobile shack is a mainstay on the North Shore, and always should be as far as we’re concerned. Sure, there may be no bee pollen, MCT oil, or chia seed add-ons at a buck a pop, but you do get locally plucked pineapple, coconut, papaya, lychee, banana and more to add to your blender along with coconut cream (if you desire) and crushed ice to keep you cool during a hot day along Kam Highway.

Our top picks include the Pina Cobana (fresh pineapple, banana, crushed ice, and coconut cream) and the Coco Flow (strawberry, banana, crushed ice, and coconut cream) but photo-opportunists tend to roll with the Pine Drink (whole pineapple blended with ice and poured into a cored pineapple) and the simple but nutrient-packed Coconuts (cored coconut with a straw).

The Coco Hut at Sunset Beach is what a day on the North Shore is all about. Support this local smoothie stand while recharging your battery at the same time.

Coco Hut Sunset Beach Smoothies

Simple, perfection