Helena’s Hawaiian Food

Best no-nonsense place to get authentic Hawaiian food on Oahu

Helena's Hawaiian Food

There are Hawaiian food eateries popping up all over the island, and while there are many great new additions to the culinary landscape of Oahu, there’s no place quite as authentic as Helena’s Hawaiian Food. The award winning establishment is unassuming on the outside, and there are certainly no frills when it comes to interior decor, but no one cares. In fact, we all prefer that it stays that way while they focus on what counts – the menu. If you’re in town for a couple of weeks we encourage you to pop by more than once and sample as much from their menu as possible. And be sure to try the poi! Below is a breakdown of our favorite plates.

Recommended Set-Menu Order at Helena’s Hawaiian Food (bring an appetite!):

  • Kalua Pig, Lomi Salmon, Pipikaula Short Ribs, and Luau Squid (w/poi and rice)

Helena's Hawaiian Food

images: @halenashawaiianfood

Helena's Hawaiian Food

It’s all about the sides!

“Serving traditional, local Hawaiian food since 1946 this family-owned business has impacted locals and tourist alike around the world. Come dine with us and experience the spirit of aloha with our ohana!” (Halena’s Hawaiian Food)