Island Vintage Coffee Waikiki

Best place to get espresso and acai bowls in Waikiki Beach

Island Vintage Coffee Waikiki Beach

In our not so humble opinion, Island Vintage Coffee (IVC) has the best espresso based beverages in Waikiki. The Lava Mocha, Hawaiian Honey Latte, Island Latte and the Vintage Kona Mocha are all worth rotation on your order at this cafe. This is also one place you want that order to-stay, as the patio overlooking the Royal Hawaiian Center Courtyard is perfect for people-watching and at night you get a bird’s eye view of the center’s many festivities taking place below. Island Vintage Coffee also has a great selection of paraphernalia, including branded mugs and home decor, in addition to locally made snacks and other goodies. IVC also boasts the best acai bowls in Waikiki Beach, in addition to the best gourmet shave ice on the island.

Best espresso, acai bowls, and shave ice on the south shore – isn’t that some kind of holy trinity??