Jump Rock Waimea Bay

Best "cliff jump" spot on the North Shore

Jump Rock at Waimea Bay Beach Park

While not quite as famous as the waves at this famous winter season surf spot, Jump Rock is the next most popular attraction at Waimea Bay. For those that are comfortable with jumping from high elevations into the sea it’s a beginner-level experience, although you do need to be mindful of the current below. For the inexperienced (or those afraid of heights) there are little and more accessible ledges along Jump Rock to climb and leap off of. There are lifeguard signs in the sand to indicate that Jump Rock is off-limits, but you’ll notice by the dozens of people on the boulder that the signage is more of a suggestion versus a punishable offense. That said, if you don’t see anyone else up there, keep off, as that is a legitimate sign that conditions may indeed be hazardous. The locals know.

Otherwise suit up, grab your GoPro with floatable waterproof housing, and have fun!

Jump Rock Waimea Bay Haleiwa


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