Kahuku Land Farms Stand

Best roadside fruit and food stand on the North Shore

Forget Foodland at Shark’s Cove, as Kahuku Land Farms stand is where the north shore locals go for locally sourced pineapple, coconut, sugarcane, mango and so much more. The unassuming roadside market is located across from Kawela Bay Beach Park which is home to a great paddle-boarding beach, horseback riding trails, and a WWII pillbox that overlooks Turtle Bay Resort. Due to its proximity to the latter the fruit stand is also a popular stop for resort guests. In addition to the fresh locally grown fruit, Kahuku Land Farms is also home to the best banana lumpia, banana bread, and macadamia nut banana bread on the North Shore if not the entire island. Yep, this place is bananas! We recommend loading up at Kakuku Land Farms and then head into Kawela Bay Beach Park to explore while you snack on tasty and nutritious Hawaiian treats along the way.
Kahuku Land Farms Stand
kaleikaumakas kitchen at Kahuku Land Farms Stand
Grab some macadamia nut banana bread from Kaleikaumakas Kitchen and go explore