Laie Point

Most legendary cliff jump spot on Oahu

Laie Point Oahu - Cliff Jump Spot

Located at the windward gateway to the North Shore, Laie Point is steeped in history, beauty, and intensity. Out into the sea you will find Puka Island (the one with the hole in it) while on the right there is a cliff jump spot that is not for the faint of heart. Don’t even think about leaping when the winds and waves are high – wait for a calm and balmy day. There is also a lot of legend and lore surrounding this natural protrusion, with a monument near the “entry” of the point where you can read all about the Mo’o. Aside from the Polynesian Cultural Center there’s not a lot to see and do in the mormon township of Laie, but this particular attraction is most certainly worth the drive, and is a perfect tie-in with a morning spent over at Mokoli’i Island aka Chinaman’s Hat.