Makua Banana Bread Haleiwa

Best banana bread on the North Shore Oahu

makua banana bread haleiwa

Maui’s Hana Highway gets most of the press when it comes to being a destination to find the best banana bread in the state. However, it looks like Haleiwa Town on Oahu gets to throw its hat into the ring as a contender thanks to the recent addition of Makua Banana Bread.

Locals are already familiar with the banana bread “brand” as they’ve been parking their vintage VW at food truck events around the island for quite some time. But now, they have a brick and mortar (well, wood and lauhala) spot that is perfectly positioned near Rainbow Bridge in Haleiwa. They certainly have the best banana bread on the North Shore, but we’ll let you be the judge as far as how they stack up against those found about the rest of the state.

*At press, Makua Banana Bread in Haleiwa has limited hours of operation (Wed/Thur only). Stay tuned as they may expand hours as they get busier in the months ahead – all the more reason to stop by and show your support!

Makua Banana Bread Haleiwa

Makua Banana Bread Haleiwa

Makua Banana Bread’s VW parked at a local event on Oahu