Na Mea Hawaii

Best place to buy Hawaiian artisan works and literature in Honolulu

Na Mea Hawaii Store Honolulu

Na Mea Hawaii may be known as a “bookstore” by those who aren’t quite sure how to describe it, but it’s so much more. This shop in the recently renovated Ward Village (formerly Ward Center) is a gathering place for locals and visitors who seek to immerse themselves in the Hawaiian culture. This is accomplished in the admiration (and purchase, if so inclined) of artisan crafts and the opportunity to hear the stories from the passionate people working within. And yes, they have books, lots of books. The literature covers everything from surf culture that is so very prevalent today through to the Polynesian myths and legends that have shaped the sociocultural climate of Hawaii. The shop also sells locally made health and beauty products, handmade jewelry, packaged foods, aloha shirts, textiles, and more.

If you’re looking for a shopping experience that runs deeper than a day at Ala Moana Center we encourage you to take the extra 2-minute drive or 15-minute walk over to Ward Village to check out Na Mea.