Rainbow Drive-In

Best "Plate Lunch" in Honolulu

Rainbow Drive In Boneless Chicken Gravy

Rainbow Drive-In serves heart warming, belly rubbing, Hawaiian “plate lunch” comfort food to hoards of locals and visitors alike. You can’t go wrong in following your taste bud preferences at this diner, be it a plate of mahi mahi, a loco moco, or our personal favorite – the boneless chicken gravy plate (pictured). The latter is so hefty it must have been hatched from two plump chickens and the gravy comes so thick and all encompassing that it disguises every inch of the meat until you start digging into the beast of a feast. The taste of course, is as good as it looks. This establishment deserves its decades of accolades and is indeed an historical landmark of eateries, prompting us to declare that dreams really do come true, “Somewhere over the….”