Surfer The Bar at Turtle Bay (CLOSED)

Formerly the best nightlife spot on the North Shore

Surfer The Bar at Turtle Ba

2021 UPDATE: Closed

Surfer The Bar was permanently closed in 2020 after the sale of Surfer Magazine to the folks who own Men’s Journal. Since “Men’s Journal” is a horrible concept for a bar (well, maybe not) the venue is currently empty. Turtle Bay will announce a new nightclub for 2021-22. Stay tuned!

Turtle Bay Resort is already a surfer’s paradise, being located at the Kahuku end of the 7 Mile Miracle that is the North Shore. Their days are spent bobbing up and down along the various breaks that line the North Shore and the nights often spent gathered around the Billabong or Volcom House near Ehukai. But now the of-age portion of sponsored wave riders have a place to wet their whistlers after their board shorts dry. Surfer, the Bar – the brain child of Surfer Magazine and partner Turtle Bay Resort – is the official watering hole for surfers and fans of the culture that happen to find themselves on the beautiful country side of Oahu.

While many expect a tiki vibe from a bar born from a surf mag, Surfer instead puts a contemporary twist on the concept and has created a modern lounge style atmosphere where neither an umbrella drink or martini is out of place. Before any old salty dogs scream “sell out!” one is quick to notice that aside from the contemporary flare Surfer, the Bar is still about surf culture through and through. On any given day Jack Johnson could be found on stage and joined by visiting WCT pros who have a knack for strumming along side him or any other platinum selling musician that happens to be in town. Other days it’s more common to find local Hawaiian artists doing their thing in front of a crowd clad in everything from slippers and board shorts to button downs and slacks. The vibe is always chill and at all times surfing can be found on loop on the LCD screens surrounding the establishment. The drink menu is ripe with the expected tropical flare and the service comes with 100% Aloha. Singles mingle, couples enjoy each other, and everyone leaves with a smile on their face as they head towards their respective (or otherwise) rooms in Turtle Bay or spill out safely (no DUIs please) onto Kamehameha Highway until their inevitable return.

Note: If you happen to be on the island during the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing the Surfer Poll Awards have been slated to continue at Turtle Bay Resort and aired at Surfer, The Bar.