Teddy’s Bigger Burgers Haleiwa

Best Burgers on the North Shore Oahu


While you’ll get great burgers (etc) at any of the Teddy’s locations spread out between Oahu and Maui (they have 15 island locations and counting) this Teddy’s located along Kamehameha Highway in Haleiwa is a unique one. Part tiki bar, part burger joint, this Teddy’s takes the cake as being the best of their locations in our opinion. Their decor is highly Instagrammable, thanks in-part to the touches of local artisan and carver, Gecko, of South Sea Arts. The food holds up to Teddy’s superior burger standards, and their shakes are the bees knees (order the Pineapple shake!), while the bar itself is a great place to congregate with the locals to watch the game and talk story. This ain’t your typical burger joint, and for that we’re forever grateful.

View our local correspondent’s complete review below:

There are 11 Teddy’s Bigger Burgers on Oahu. If you can only visit one, this is it. The new Haleiwa addition along Kamehameha Highway does not have notably better burgers, fries, or shakes (they remain pretty tastily consistent from location to location – read below for recommendations) per se, it is the decor and overall vibe that sets this brick and mortar apart.

Fitting into the North Shore scene this TBB has outdone itself by bringing in local artisan and tiki-master Gecko of South Sea Arts to outfit the establishment with amazing works of island art that makes waiting for your order a pleasant experience, no matter how loud your hunger pangs are ringing. From sea-float encased pufferfish lamps to tiki mugs this burger shack feels like a fully authentic North Shore mom & pop shop and nothing like the burgeoning chain of eateries that it is.

Teddy’s is known for its burgers, with standouts being their Specialty Burgers such as the Bacado (bacon, cheddar, and avocada) and the Bleu Wave (topped w/teri, bacon, and bleu cheese) but we also recommend them as your go-to milkshake spot in Haleiwa, with their Pineapple Shake serving as one of the most slurp-worthy treats next to Matsumoto’s Shave Ice around the corner. Our only (minor) beef with this Teddy’s Bigger Burgers is with some of the staff who have seemed to checked their aloha spirit at the door. Aside from grumpy counter-persons  (they would rather be at the beach we suppose – can’t blame them) Teddy’s Bigger Burgers in Haleiwa Town is great place to eat, slurp, and soak up the scenery.