Ted’s Bakery

Best Bakery on the North Shore of Oahu

Ted's Bakery | Best Bakery North Shore Oahu HI

You’re already familiar with Ted’s Bakery’s most famous addition to the wide world of baking even if you haven’t stepped foot on the North Shore, or Oahu for that matter. How’s that? Because you know coconut chocolate cream pie, or as it is truly known – haupia pie. That’s right, Ted’s Bakery invented the delicacy and while there are many imitators behind the frosted door of your local grocer’s frozen foods’ section there are none quite like this.

This iconic bakery (and coconutty slice of heaven) is located near the equally famous surf spot Sunset Beach, making it the perfect place to go to reboot after burning calories in the saltwater and under the hot Hawaiian sun. While their haupia pie is the “must try” you will also enjoy one of the innumerable pies, frosted pastries, loaves, and seasonal goodies found at Ted’s.

Best Bakery North Shore Oahu HI