Kaka’ako Murals “Art Walk”

Kakaako (or Kaka’ako) has come a long way over the last decade. It has always been a place riddled with hidden gems, but ever since the 2015 arrival of SALT and its eclectic array of boutique stores, restaurants, and cafes the district is now one of Honolulu’s biggest draws. It’s the “live, work, and play” concept at its very best. Kaka’ako is what the town of Kaimuki hoped to become, but never could.

As a part of the Kaka’ako evolution, the City of Honolulu commissioned some of Honolulu’s most talented street artists to decorate buildings that were once an industrial eyesore. A hip art district was formed as a result, and now people come from all over the island not just to shop and dine, but to enjoy its vibrant murals. If you’re not into visiting brick and mortar art galleries on Oahu but have a deep-seeded appreciation for street art then you must visit Kaka’ako. Is there anything you need to know before you head over from your accommodations? Not really, but we have provided some helpful tips below.

How to Enjoy a Self-Guided Art Walk of the Famous Kakaako Street Murals

How to Get to the Kakaako Street Murals

While many of you are staying in Waikiki Beach, we have provided directions from all of the most popular accommodation destinations on Oahu. Here they are:

Best Time of Day to Visit

Arrive in the late AM just before the sun peaks at the onset of the afternoon. This will provide adequate lighting for the innumerable photos that you’re about to take.

What to Bring

Aside from weather appropriate attire, ensure that you’ve got a lot of data storage space left on your smartphone or DSLR camera. As alluded to above, you’re going to get snap-happy from behind the lens. The contrast between the colorful murals and industrial warehousing make for incomparable subject matter. We also encourage you to first stop at Arvo Cafe and order a latte and pastry to fuel your self-guided art walk.

Where the Murals Are

While some of the murals are immediately evident, you do need to explore the side roads and look down alleyways (it’s safe) to catch them all. Be sure to walk along all of the following:

What Else to Do in Kakaako

The self-guide art walk will take about an hour at a causal pace. When done, return to SALT for the aforementioned shopping, sipping, and dining experience. Also check out the vintage record and book store across the road from SALT – Idea’s Music and Books which is a treasure trove of vinyl, comics, graphic novels, and more.

Some of Our Favorite Kakaako Murals

(images: property of @marcus_ocean)

Kakaako Murals
Kakaako Murals
Kakaako Murals
Kakaako Murals
Kakaako Murals
Kakaako Murals
Kakaako Murals
Kakaako Murals
Kakaako Murals
Kakaako Murals
Kakaako Murals


  1. I have gone on mural walks in the Mission District of San Francisco and love the murals. I think that murals in Kaka’ako are delightful and could only be made better if there were some sort of story behind each mural for the visitor to read before or while walking around.

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