Waikiki Surf Contest and Competition Schedule

Oahu’s North Shore surf competitions get most of the attention from the media. Many visitors plan their vacations around a winter season schedule that includes the Pipe Pro (or whatever the WSL decides to call it in any given year) along with the VANS Pipe Masters, Da Hui Backdoor Shootout, Hurley Pro Sunset Beach, and the Eddie Aikau contest. However, most visitors stay on the south shore in Waikiki. They (yourself included) either don’t want, or are not able, to drive to/.from the North Shore for a contest that may or may not be called on during an event waiting period. Furthermore, once the winter season has concluded the waves on the North Shore are ironed flat as swell shifts to the opposing side of the island. The latter is good news for those searching for a Waikiki surf contest / competition to watch during their stay. Below is a breakdown of the event schedule for the season ahead.

Note: This list will be updated each year to account for adjustments in Waikiki surf competition schedules. Check back often for updates!

Updated Schedule of Surf Contests Taking Place in the Waikiki Beach Area of Oahu this Year

Hawaii Adaptive Surfing Championships

Where: Waikiki Beach at Queens (get directions)

When: May 11-17, 2024

Waikiki Surf Contest Competition - Hawaii Adaptive Surfing

Come out and support this Waikiki surf competition for athletes and hardcore chargers who thrive in the ocean despite living with disabilities. The annual event is put on by AccesSurf, a nonprofit charity organization that offers a variety of water-sports programs, services, and events for the population it serves. Competitors come from all over the state and around the world. It’s a truly amazing event that honors the inclusive spirit of surfing in the Hawaiian islands.

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Local Motion Surf Into Summer

Where: Ala Moana Beach Park at Ala Moana Bowls (get directions)

When: June 10-17, 2024

Waikiki Surf Contest Competition

This is a tough Waikiki surf contest to track as the name and title sponsor changes often. Back in 2022 it was known as the Priority Destinations Pro at Ala Moana Bowls (see our photos below). Then, Local Motion took over and rebranded the event in 2023 as Local Motion Surf Into Summer, which it remains to be for the 2024 and 2025 season ahead. We hope that it stays this way, as an iconic surf brand makes a lot more sense as a title sponsor than a financial institution. Regardless, you can count on a World Surf League (WSL) Qualifying Series (QS) event to be held at this legendary surf spot every June, even if the logos on competitor jerseys are not consistent.

Moreover, the location at the mouth of Ala Wai canal provides spectators the opportunity to watch the event from the eastern end of Ala Moana Beach Park. It’s an idyllic setting, with Magic Island Lagoon offering a place to cool off when the afternoon sun gets too hot. There are also dozens of feral cats to play with, nearby beach concessions by L&L Hawaiian BBQ, and Hawaii’s largest shopping mall across the boulevard. This is one Waikiki surf contest that you can turn into an all-day affair, even if you’re not deeply invested in the results of the competition.

Waikiki Surf Competition - Ala Moana Bowls

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Duke Kahanamoku Ocean Festival

Where: Waikiki Beach at the Duke Statue (get directions)

When: August 17-25, 2024

Waikiki Surf Contest Competition

The Duke Kahanamoku Ocean Festival is held each summer in Waikiki. As the name indicates, the event honors of the godfather of surfing, Olympian, and waterman Duke Paoa Kahanamoku. While the festival is more of a celebration in comparison to the cutthroat competitions that take place on the North Shore, it does include a series of Waikiki surf contests for spectators to enjoy from the sands of Kuhio Beach (the main beach). Notable categories (and 2024 dates) include the following:

  • Tandem Surfing Challenge (Aug 19-20)
  • Longboard Classic (Aug 19-21)
  • Dog “Surfur” Competition (Aug 20)
  • Menehune Surf Fest (Aug 24-25)

Recommended Hotel: Sheraton Princess Kaiulani

If you have any additional questions about the Waikiki surf competition schedule feel free to comment below. We will respond!


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