Best Waikiki Hotels for Couples

Couples massages, facials, and mani-pedis are fine, but that’s the kind of couples’ experience you expect from every upscale accommodation in a resort community like Waikiki. Instead, you and your companion are in search of something more appropriate to your station in life, along with your interests and thirst for authentic encounters that you don’t find in a spa. Below is our breakdown of the best Waikiki Beach hotels for dynamic duos like yourselves.

Top 5 Waikiki Accommodations for Couples of All Ages and Interests

The Royal Hawaiian Hotel

For Couples Who’ve Earned the Finer Things in Life

Best Waikiki Hotels for Couples

You’ve worked hard, paid your dues, and have earned some kick back time in the lap of luxury. The Royal Hawaiian, also known as the “Pink Palace”, is the second most storied hotel in Waikiki (next to the Moana Surfrider) and is a magical place to spend your vacation together. You’ll enjoy strolling hand-in-hand around the lush and expansive property, admiring the flora and murals, popping in and out of its boutique shops, and taking breaks by the poolside to enjoy a cocktail at the aptly named Mai Tai Bar. The palatial watering hole peers out to where you can spend the rest of your day, enjoying the powdery sands that slope ever-so-slightly into the warm cyan waters of Waikiki. When done swimming and basking in the sun you can retreat to your opulent suite and get changed for an evening at Azure – a world-class eatery that is adorned with intimate candles and pristine table settings to set the scene for a romantic evening. And while you may be tempted to order breakfast in bed the following morning (every morning) be sure to saunter down in your slippers for breakfast-for-two at Surf Lanai. Join a legacy of regal couples at one of the most authentically Hawaiian hotels on Oahu. View more on the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.

Queen Kapiolani Hotel

For Young Couples Who Love the Lounge Life

Best Waikiki Hotels for Couples
image: @queenkapiolanihotel

This hotel once stood as a conspicuous homage to Hawaiian monarchy, but after a modernizing renovation it was reborn as a hot spot for solo travelers and couples alike. Located on the brim of Waikiki across the road from the Honolulu Zoo, the vibrant Queen Kapiolani hotel is tailor made for lounging. The expansive lobby is loaded with cushy seating, where twosomes can be found shoulder to shoulder immersed in conversation or comfortably saying nothing at all. The on-site Knots Coffee Roasters is a also beacon, welcoming early rising companions to grab a java, find a corner, and map out the day, even if plans are to simply enjoy an afternoon on the property. The latter is most certainly appealing at this hotel, as on the third level is the Deck – a restaurant, bar, and poolside lounge that boasts a backdrop of Diamond Head crater. You can literally spend hours at the Deck, taking turns between dips in the pool, cocktails at the bar, and hitting repeat until the sun sets. Once Waikiki’s natural lights dim and the tiki torches ignite, you know that it’s time for pupus-for-two as live music serenades you into the night. View more on the Queen Kapiolani Hotel.

Waikiki Beachcomber by Outrigger

For Couples Who Want to be in the Middle of the Action

Best Waikiki Hotels for Couples
image: @waikikibeachcomber

While there are certainly plenty of opportunities to relax and cocoon together by the pool (or up in your room) the Waikiki Beachcomber is the most convenient resort when it comes to being in the thick of the action. After all, the two of you came to town to enjoy all that Waikiki has to offer. It all begins in the lobby, where on one side is Maui Brewing Company, a large contemporary brew pub that boasts good food and drink in addition to all sorts of couples’ activities, including foosball, shuffleboard, and opportunities to mingle with other no-longer-singles. Adjacent to Maui Brewing Company is the best coffee shop hangout in Waikiki – Hawaiian Aroma Caffe. This cafe does more than dole out morning caffeine and acai bowls, as the licensed establishment invites you to enjoy live music over tropical cocktails in the evening. Onsite amenities aside, you’ll find a world of opportunity down the escalator which pours out on to world famous Kalakaua Avenue – the Las Vegas strip of the Hawaiian Kingdom. The two of you will have immediate access to beach activities, his-and-her shopping, entertainment, and other dining and drinking establishments. View more on the Waikiki Beachcomber.

Sheraton Princess Kaiulani

For Budget Conscious Couples Who Refuse to Sacrifice

Best Waikiki Hotels for Couples
image: @sheratonpk

The Sheraton Princess Kaiulani is an anomaly. Not because it’s one of the few authentically Hawaiian hotels on Oahu, but because they somehow deliver convenience, luxury, and impeccable service without breaking the bank. On any given booking couples may score offers (extended stays, etc.) that hover around $120 a night, which for a resort of this nature is unheard of in Waikiki. For couples who are planning for a future together and/or have significant financial obligations back on the mainland, this is an opportunity to hanu i waho (exhale). In addition to amazing proximity to the beach and boutique shops, the resort has one of the largest pool and lounge areas (with a poolside bar) on this side of the island. They also have one of the best fitness facilities – something that couples who like to get fit together will really appreciate. View more on the Sheraton Princess Kaiulani.

The Laylow Waikiki | Autograph Collection

For “It” Couples

Best Waikiki Hotels for Couples
image: @laylowwaikiki

Are you two of you the talk of the town back on the mainland? Do you love to see and be seen? Then the ironically named Laylow Waikiki is where to stay. The new Laylow hotel may be inconspicuously located on Kuhio Avenue, but it has quickly become one of the most popular places to congregate for young couples in addition to groups of social butterflies, thanks to The Hideout. The Hideout is the Laylow’s uber-cool bar and lounge that swaggers with fire pits, swing seats, and cozy corners for pairs to observe and compare notes on the social scene before them. Day or night, this property exudes style. The suites are especially notable, as they brilliantly merge island flavor with ultramodern splendor. Plus, it’s distinct location on the reinvigorated Kuhio strip makes it a slick departure from the rest of Waikiki’s more famous hotels.

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