Best Kid Friendly Hotel in Waikiki (that parents can handle)

We’re not one to pull punches when it comes to recommending, and not recommending, accommodations on Oahu. We also realize that hotel and resort comparisons can be a contentious topic. Even more so when assessing kid friendly options.

Theoretically any large resort with waterslides, three-wheeled aqua-cycles, pedal boats, and onsite children’s wear is tailor-made for parents with tots in tow. But as any vacationing parent knows, those amenities come at an expense. We’re not referring to nightly rates (although that matters), but the trade-off of peace, quiet, and aloha spirit. The cost of keeping your kindergarteners to early adolescents entertained is the insufferable screeching and tantrum throwing of other peoples’ offspring. Spend an Sunday afternoon at Hilton Hawaiian Village to discover what we mean. Like we said – we pull zero punches.

With the unpleasantness out of the way, we can now answer the question that you entered into your Google search bar (“best kid friendly hotel Waikiki” ). As an editor who counts keiki in the household ohana we know what you’re looking for – and hoping to avoid – which brings us back to one of our favorite south shore properties. Let’s review!

Editor’s Pick for the Most Kid Friendly Hotel in Waikiki Beach That Won’t Drive Parents Crazy


Tucked into the corner of world famous Kalakaua Avenue and Kaʻiulani Avenue, this Sheraton property is fairly unassuming. However, once you and your kids walk passed the koi pond (eastern entrance) or the giant tiki (southern entrance) and nestle into the expansive property you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Here’s why.

One of the Best Hotel Pools for Kids in Waikiki

Best Kid Friendly Hotel Waikiki

Outdoor hotel pools in Waikiki are as common as the brown anoles geckos that skitter along our pathways. However, the Sheraton Princess Kaiualni’s pool is larger than most, and most certainly more accessible and convenient. Your kids can frolic in the water while you sunbathe on the deck, hangout at Splash Bar, squeeze in some work in the business center, or enjoy light reading in the library. All of these parental amenities are located within sight. You can even monitor your pre-teens in the pool from the fitness center windows on the second level.

Fun and Culturally Enriching Activities for Kids

Best Kid Friendly Hotel Waikiki

On every single day of the week there is something fun and culturally enriching for your kids to enjoy. Activities include keiki crafts along with lei and haku bracelet making in addition to ukulele lessons and Hawaiian tattooing (kakau). Even more enchanting is Storytelling with Tutu, a twice-weekly event led by one of Sheraton Kaiulani’s most cherished kapuna. Their resident tutu (grandmother) teachers eager youth about the preservation of the ocean, land, and Hawaiian culture through the magic of storytelling.

Best Kid Friendly Hotel Waikiki

Lobby Library with Children Friendly Literature

Your child’s thirst for knowledge about Hawaiian culture needn’t end with the weekly activities. They are encouraged to discover more at their own pace via the hotel’s on-site library which is stocked full of literature that they are certain to devour.

Kids’ Stores in Near Proximity

The property doesn’t ruin the vibe of an island parade by jamming retail into the lobby like many others in the area. Why bother? The Sheraton Princess Kaiulani is located in the middle of the best kid-friendly shopping in Waikiki. International Marketplace is 1-minute walk away, where your young gamers will salivate over the selection at Game Stop. Speaking of salivating, the kiddies will also love the massive Dylan’s Candy Store which is 2-minutes from the hotel lobby. Lastly, be prepared to start or add to their growing of shoe charms known as Jibbitz from the Crocs store that fronts the property.

Foosball and Ping Pong!

Best Kid Friendly Hotel Waikiki

We conclude this assessment about what makes the Sheraton Princess Kaiulani the best kid-friendly hotel in Waikiki with one of our favorite features – the foosball and ping pong tables in the back lobby! There’s two of each and the available at any time of the day. Your children can square-off against one another or you can challenge them to a keiki versus mākua tournament. To make it more interesting, have losing the pair treat the victors to shave ice at Kai Fresh which is located just outside of the swimming pool area.

Do you have any other questions about the Sheraton Princess Kaiulani? Leave a comment below and we’ll get right back to you.


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