How to Get to Secret Island Oahu

Secret Island is a hidden peninsula on the windward side of Oahu in Kaneohe. It’s obscured from view by the vegetation that lines the section of Kamehameha Highway, and is deemed inaccessible (to the public) due to its location on the other side of the Moli’i pond. Subsequently, you have likely heard that the only way to get to the elusive island is by booking a tour via Kualoa Ranch. Not so elusive as it is exclusive to paying customers, right?

Not quite.

The traveling mom blogs and other websites that tell you the only way to get here is to book a ticket, are being paid a percentage of sales to tell that story. Let’s tell a different story. No beach is off limits to the public in Hawaii unless it’s a military installation. No one can keep you from enjoying the sun, sand, and sea that fronts Moli’i Pond, not even mom bloggers who are trying to put their kids through private school on your buck. With that out of the way, we can now answer your question. How to get to Secret Island on Oahu? Follow the instructions below.

Step by Step Guide to Getting to Secret Island in Kaneohe Oahu Without Buying Tickets at Kualoa Ranch

Enter Through Kualoa Beach Park

How to Get to Secret Island Oahu

When you perform an online search for walking directions to Secret Island, Google Maps shows a path from Tropical Farms Macadamia Nuts on Kamehameha Highway. What they don’t tell you, is that the path from the farm is Kapu – off limits. Defeated, most visitors concede and cough up $30 (per person) for Secret Island tickets at Kualoa Ranch. Instead, spend a fraction of that dough for some delicious Kona coffee flavored Macadamia Nuts and head on over to Kualoa Regional Beach Park. As you can see from the map below, this is the FREE key to Secret Island:

How to Get to Secret Island Oahu

If taking The Bus to Kualoa Regional Park, you’ll need to hop on Route 60 which either departs from Ala Moana Shopping Center, or the North Shore, depending on where you’re coming from. Here is the link to the route:

From Kualoa Regional Park, you may follow the powdery golden road to Secret Island. That said, it’s not as basic as it looks on the map. For your added convenience, we have provided photos of exactly where to go.

Cross Through Kualoa Point Park

Once you’ve disembarked the bus or parked your rental car at Kualoa Beach Park (free parking) you need to walk in a southeast direction. If staring at Mokoli’i Island, turn right to cross over the grass of Kualoa Point Park.

How to Get to Secret Island Oahu

Keep walking to cross over the large field.

How to Get to Secret Island Oahu

Keep walking towards the buildings that you see in the distance. There is a public restroom along with beach showers and shade to keep you cool. You’ll need it on a sunny day.

How to Get to Secret Island Oahu

Once you’ve arrived at the Kualoa Point Park shaded area, proceed along the coastal edge until you come across a forested area on the other side of the canoes that launch from the beach.

How to Get to Secret Island on Oahu

There is a rough (but safe) path that will take you directly to Secret Island. You will need to walk along the sand and may get your feet wet during high-tide. For someone in search of a hidden beach, this is not an obstacle.

How to Get to Secret Island Oahu

Once you’ve come through the path, you’ll discover a hint of Secret Island civilization. Stand-up paddle boards, kayaks, and outrigger canoes line the beach, while resort-esque loungers are found under the shade of palms. Card-carrying members of the Kualoa Ranch Tour entourage will be fond frolicking up and down the beach.

How to Get to Secret Island Oahu

What to Expect from Kualoa Ranch Staff

How to Get to Secret Island Oahu

You may be concerned about the uniformed staff on site. Don’t be. They have no authority over you, beyond protecting the Kualoa Ranch owned paddle boards and canoes. They are there to wrangle the tour groups like the ranch handlers do for the cattle found on the other side of the highway. Avoid eye contact and act like you’re allowed to be here. You are, after all. You can lay down a beach towel and kick back as you desire as long as you don’t attempt to use tour group amenities.

Is Secret Island Worth the Effort?

How to Get to Secret Island Oahu

Secret Island is a picturesque beach to say the least. It also offers a different view of Mokoli’i Island from the one you typically see from Kualoa Beach Park. That said, it’s not an ideal place for swimming as the reef extends all of the way to the shoreline. Moreover, while cyan blue, the water isn’t as clear compared to other windward beaches. This is due to spillover from Moli’i fishing pond. The best part of this excursion, amidst the bustle of tourists who paid good money to get here, is the fact that it didn’t cost you a penny. Feel free to bask in your glory accordingly.

Do you have any other questions about how to get to Secret Island on Oahu? Leave them in the comment box below and we’ll get back to you! Otherwise, enjoy!



  1. Thank you for the instruction and info on how to find this place. What about the fish pond? Are you allowed to go there? I would love to be able to take photos of the big mounts on the other side of the fish pond.


    • Aloha Lim! You can crawl through some thick brush to view the fish pond. There are a couple of spots which you will see on the way to Secret Island that allow you access.

    • Aloha Carol! There are restrooms on the beach park path towards Secret Island. There are no non-public restrooms on Secret Island (without getting questioned by Kuala Ranch staff). Just use the beach park ones.

  2. Michelle Imper says:

    Will I be able to view the famous mountains from the public beach area? Thanks for the article!

  3. Matthew says:

    Hi, does Secret beach have the jumping off sticks? (not sure what they are called lol)

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