Best Beach Wedding on Oahu

You’re coming to Oahu with a plan to get married. You’ve already chosen the right hotel, but when it comes to the nuptials, you have something else in mind. You’re forgoing the hassle and expense of getting married within the gates of a 5-star resort. Instead, you’re opting for the simple perfection of a beach wedding. Doing so is also more authentic to the culture of Hawaii.

Of course, the wedding industry is big business in the 50th state. There are many providers vying for your attention. To narrow them down, you’re online and searching for the “best beach wedding in Oahu”. While we typically recommend island activities and attractions, we’d be remiss to skip this category. As self-professed romantics, we have insight into which service will ensure that your plan to get hitched, goes without a hitch. Keep reading for more on why Islander Weddings is our top pick for your sandy-toed ceremony.

Best Beach Wedding in Oahu

5 Reasons Why Islander Weddings is the Best Option for Getting Married on the Beach on Oahu

1. Access to the Best Beaches

Along the south shore, north shore, windward side, and leeward side of the island are a number of idyllic beaches to choose from. However, each has its own personality, with varying crowds, tides, and other conditions that can make or break a wedding day. In some cases, protected marine life species may claim the spot you intended to get married on. Furthermore, Honolulu City Council has recently banned ceremonies at certain in-demand beaches. The latter is a bummer for couples who planned to get married at Waimanalo, Kailua, Lanikai, and Makapu’u.

The good news, is that your concerns about finding the right beach are washed away by Islander Weddings. They have intimate knowledge and experience with popular and secluded beaches on the island. They know which ones have the best sunrises and sunsets. They know when and where to avoid crowds, and much more. Islander Weddings understands the nuances that make certain beaches more accommodating to your stated desires. This local intel will go a long way to making your wedding day special.

2. Beach Weddings that Don’t Break the Bank

For many couples, the cost savings of not having to book a resort’s beachfront courtyard is a big benefit. For those on a limited budget, doing so is the only option.

Islander Weddings helps you cut out the proverbial middleman (resort) so that you can enjoy a beach wedding without breaking the bank and dowry. Their wedding packages accommodate any budget:

  • Islander Elopement Plan $295
  • Islander Extra Plan $645
  • Islander Elite Plan $945
  • Islander Extravagant Plan $1545

*View the details of each rate at or call 1.808.354.3771 to request more information.

Whether you book an elopement or something more extravagant, you’ll have plenty of money leftover to enjoy your honeymoon.

3. They Take Care of the Wedding Permit

You may be tempted to have a buddy get ordained online and have him/her officiate the wedding. All you would need to do is show up at your favorite beach, say a few words, snap photos, and ride off into marital bliss. Right? Not quite.

Couples require a permit to get married on a beach in the state of Hawaii. That many sound like a lot of work, but Islander Weddings secures the permit and takes care of the red tape, for just $30.

4. Here, When You Come Back for More

Once you get married at Islander Weddings you become a part of their Ohana. So when you return to celebrate anniversaries, they’ll be ready to help you celebrate. How? In addition to weddings, Islander Weddings offers Vow Renewal ceremonies. Make it a tradition for every 5-year or 10-year anniversary, or for whenever your hearts’ desire.

5. Best Reviewed Beach Weddings on Oahu

We’ve named Islander Weddings as the best beach wedding on Oahu, but don’t just take our word for it. In addition to the insights provided above, check out their Google Reviews. Islander Wedding receives 5-Star ratings without 5-Star resort wedding prices.

Give Islander Weddings a ring for a friendly conversation about your special day.

CALL 1 (808) 354-3771



Best Beach Wedding in Oahu
image: courtesy of Islander Weddings

Do you have any other questions about getting married on a beach on Oahu? Leave a comment below and we’ll get right back to you.


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    Wanted to check availability for morning ceremony on kahala beach for April 29 th?

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