Banzai Bowls North Shore Oahu

Biggest and most filling acai bowls on Oahu

Biggest Acai Bowl Oahu | Banzai Bowls Haleiwa HI

There are two Banzai Bowls on the North Shore of Oahu. The original (to Hawaii) is located in the same building as a Texaco gas station near Sunset Beach. The newest addition, is located right across in the new complex across from Surf n Sea Haleiwa (best surf shop on Oahu). The Sunset Beach location is a grab-and-go, and great for those who want to sit on the sand and slurp it up while watching the waves do their thing. The Haleiwa town location is better for hanging out and people watching before hitting the local shops.

While there are more “gourmet” acai bowl (and the like) variations on the island, such as those found as Haleiwa Bowls, Island Vintage Coffee, Crispy Grindz, and the Sunrise Shack to name a few notables, there is no denying that Banzai Bowls has the biggest and most filling on the island. Sometimes that is ALL you want, especially after a long day of biking, hiking, surfing, swimming, snorkeling, or whatever else you’ve been doing all day. That said, many acai bowl aficionados still name Banzai Bowls as among the best there is. We suggest that you be the judge.

Biggest Acai Bowl Oahu | Banzai Bowls Haleiwa HI