Crooked Palm Tree at Sunset Beach

Most photographed palm tree in the world

Sunset Beach Crooked Palm Tree

A single palm tree being named one of the top natural attractions on Oahu? Damn right. Unlike any other (remaining) on the island, this particular palm leans out to the sea as if begging to escape its roots and join the surfers who ride waves of this iconic stretch of coast known as Sunset Beach. There are no instructions required for this sightseeing destination except for one VERY important one. Keep Off. In fact, there is a sign asking (telling) people exactly that. With so much sand and beach erosion taking place this palm tree may only have a decade left before it’s swept out to sea. Please respect the aina and just enjoy it through your eyes and camera lens. It is truly one of the most breathtaking (as cliche as it may seem) spots on the entire island.

Tip: Rent a beach cruiser from Seamaids Boutique and make a visit to the crooked palm one of your stops.

Sunset Beach Crooked Palm Tree

Enjoy, but don’t touch

Sunset Beach Crooked Palm Tree

Great wave-watching too