Bike Rental North Shore Oahu

Best way to see and experience the North Shore

There is no place in the world quite like the North Shore of Oahu, and no better way to experience it in one day than by grabbing a bike rental from Seamaids Beach Boutique and hitting the designated path to explore. Seamaids is located at Shark’s Cove Pupukea, right next to the food truck collective. They have a large selection of beach cruiser bikes with baskets and big wheels to manage the pebble and kukui nut riddled pathway that extends from Shark’s Cove all the way beyond Sunset Beach. Once you’ve taken care of the paperwork, head over to Ke Nui Road and point northeast, stopping at all of the little beach paths along the way, and spending some time at Banzai Pipeline, Sunset Beach (for the crooked palm tree) and Kaunala Gulch. After that, circle back to catch the sunset at Ke Iki Beach before to returning your rental to Seamaids.

A double shaka from the fine folks at Seamaids (photo taken in early 2021…obviously)

Bike Rental North Shore Oahu

Be sure to stop at The Sunrise Shack for a bullet coffee

Bike Rental North Shore Oahu

Little slices of paradise along the way

Bike Rental North Shore Oahu

Snorkel stop at Kaunala

Bike Rental North Shore Oahu

Take lots of breaks to soak up the view

Bike Rental North Shore Oahu Banzai Skate Park

Feeling bold? Take your bike over to Banzai Skate Park for a spin

Bike Rental North Shore Oahu Bike Path

Worried about low air or loose screws? Don’t be, this is the most bike friendly place on the island.