Lava Tube Oahu

Best "dare you to" thing to do with your friends on Oahu

Lava Tube Oahu - Honolulu Secret Cave

Not to be confused with the tiki-themed Lava Tube Waikiki on Kuhio Avenue, there is a lava tube Oahu locals visit when they’re up for adventure. It’s a secret cave that runs from Halona Beach Cove, also known as From Here to Eternity Beach, to the windward side’s Kalaniana’ole Highway. Most visitors get about 20-feet into the underground passageway before getting creeped out by the darkness and howling wind that cuts through the tunnel. Stories about hoards of thumb-sized cockroaches crawling around the cylindrical cavern certainly don’t help. In reality, there are no more bugs within than what you’ll find in the nearby Sandy Beach restrooms, but it’s a fun tale to tell when daring friends to make the entire hike from one end of the tube to the other. Although, you may run into a mysterious Menehune within.

Lava Tube Oahu - Honolulu Secret Cave

Watch out for Menehune!

What is a lava tube? They are underground passageways, also referred to as pyroducts, that were created thousands of years ago by lava flows that traveled long distances underneath the surface of an island. When the lava stopped at the end of an eruption, or if it was diverted elsewhere, it left behind an empty cylindrical cave.