Taro Hut Truck Kahuku

Best place to get authentic Polynesian food (and taro) on the North Shore Oahu

The Taro Hut Truck is one of the newest additions to the famous Kahuku Roadside Food Court, and the North Shore is better for it. While this side of the island has more than its fair share of Hawaiian fare, there has long been a gap when it comes to authentic Polynesian dishes. We stress Polynesian because the Taro Hut Truck reaches beyond the Hawaiian Islands and deep into the South Pacific to tap into Samoa – one of the best exporters of taro in the world. Using the distinguishable purple root vegetable as its foundation the chef creates recipes using curry, chop suey, and more.

Skip the excessively common shrimp plates the next time you visit Kahuku and try something different, and as authentic as it gets. Your taste buds will thank you accordingly.
Taro Hut Truck Kahuku

images: @tarohutkahuku