Best Cafes to Get Work Done in Waikiki

The digital world we live in allows us to pack up and work from pretty much anywhere in the world. For the most part that’s a good thing, but it also means we can’t escape our responsibilities when on vacation. The days of setting “out of office” email alerts no longer fly, no matter where you’re flying to. That said, opening your laptop for a couple of hours doesn’t have to be a burden when you find the right cafe to set up shop in. This is especially true in Waikiki Beach on Oahu which boasts as many coffee shops as ABS Stores. Well, almost.

Of course, not just any cafe with Wifi will do. You can do Starbucks back at home on the mainland. Instead, you need a spot that feels authentically Hawaiian, which means it must have great coffee, pastries, background music, and island decor. Furthermore, you require plenty of seats, places to plug-in, and staff that doesn’t give you dirty looks when exceeding the 30-minute mark that it normally takes to finish a latte. Given that the writers at YAHglobal work exclusively out of coffee shops around the island, we know exactly which ones are the best cafes to get work done in Waikiki. Let’s review!

Top 4 Coffee Shops Near You in Waikiki Beach to Get Some Work Done While on Vacation

Hawaiian Aroma Caffe

Location: Outrigger Waikiki Beachcomber

Best Cafes to Get Work Done Near Me in Waikiki Beach Oahu HI

Hawaiian Aroma Caffe (Outrigger Waikiki Beachcomber location) is listed as one of the best coffee shops on Oahu, and also tops the list of best cafes to get work done in Waikiki. In fact, our editor calls this cafe home when he ventures over from the North Shore. While it can get busy, there is enough seating that you can almost always score a table. There is a dark little nook for early birds to nestle into, which is idyllic for casual Zoom calls and manic typing sessions alike. The Wifi is strong and interrupted by time limits, while the menu is so expansive that you can work while enjoying breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When done your duties for the day, you can wind down with a tropical cocktail at the licensed establishment.

Kai Coffee Hawaii

Location: Hyatt Regency Waikiki

Best Cafes to Get Work Done Near Me Waikiki

There are two Kai Coffee Hawaii locations in Waikiki. The cafe inside of the Hyatt Regency Hotel is the only one you’ll score a seat within. It also has a communal workstation and enough elbow room to prevent accidental spills that may otherwise send you running to the Apple Store for a MacBook replacement. While the interior is fine, we prefer the designated seating outside of their doors. The soothing sound of the waterfall blocks audible disturbance from hotel guests and shoppers that pass through the courtyard. The lush tropical vegetation further adds to the setting, to help you forget you’re working while on vacation.

Best Cafes to Get Work Done Near Me Waikiki

Kai Coffee also has excellent espresso and pastries. It’s a little on the pricey side, but since you’re working you can write it off on taxes. Save your receipts accordingly.

Knots Coffee Roasters at Queen Kapiolani

Location: Queen Kapiolani Hotel

Best Cafes to Get Work Done Near Me Waikiki Beach Honolulu Oahu HI

The next best cafe to get work done in Waikiki is located in the Queen Kapiolani Hotel. Knots Coffee Roasters is a large, open-air, and uncrowded WiFi hotspot that also boasts the best exterior view. It peers out towards Honolulu Zoo and Kapiolani Park, and if you get the right seat you can sneak a peak of the ocean too. The surrounding interior decor merges Hawaiian, nautical, and surf culture, which helps get you through Google Meet marathons. There is shortage of seats, places to plug-in, and good brew at Knots Coffee Roasters.

Best Cafes to Get Work Done Near Me Waikiki Beach Honolulu Oahu HI
Best Cafes to Get Work Done Near Me Waikiki Beach Honolulu Oahu HI

Starbucks at Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa 

Location: Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa

Best Cafes to Get Work Done Near Me Waikiki Beach Honolulu Oahu HI

We know, we know. In the introduction we stated that one should never consider Starbucks when there are more authentically Hawaiian coffee shops in the vicinity. But when it comes to the best cafes to get work done, we’d be wrong to leave this location off of the list. And to be honest, it barely counts as a Starbucks. The workstation and seating areas are spread throughout the expansive Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa, and it’s peppered with vibrant island style. You will never have to fight to find a seat, and you will pickup Starbucks WiFi anywhere on the back side of the colorful ALOHA sign. This resort “cafe” may be a last resort as far as this list goes, but it’s still an excellent option.

Do you have any questions about the above coffee shops? Leave a comment below and we’ll reply shortly.


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