Best Vintage Stores in Honolulu Oahu

Some people come to Oahu in search of souvenirs. Others comb through the island’s best art galleries to find the perfect artisan craft for their wall or mantle. Then there are the old souls, those who connect with items that have history and carry the mana of an era before. Are you among the latter? Certainly so, as you’re here seeking intel on the best antique and vintage stores in Honolulu. That said, you’re not looking for Victorian lamps and grandfather clocks. You want to get your hands on period pieces that represent the history and various aspects of Hawaiian culture in all of its shapes and forms. In other words, you’re after what’s called Hawaiiana. Below is a breakdown of the best places to find island antiques and curio from long ago.

Top 6 Vintage Shops and Spots to Visit for Authentic Hawaiiana in Honolulu and on Oahu

Antique Alley Honolulu

1030 Queen St, Honolulu

Antique Alley Honolulu Oahu

There is no better place to go on your treasure hunt than within Antique Alley. The rustic shop exists in stark contrast to the minty-fresh aesthetic of Ward Village and Entertainment Center, which is located just around the corner. Owners Pake Zane and Julie Lauster have been a staple in the vintage Hawaiiana scene in Honolulu for decades and their collection mirrors this fact. On the surface it seems as if you’ve wandered into the house of a hoarder but if you dig between the lines you’ll find that there’s a method to the madness. The shop is chock-full of memorabilia, including old advertising from airlines (United, PanAm, etc.) and brands from other industries that leveraged the mainland’s love of all things Hawaiian. There are also vintage maps of the archipelago, old Primo beer bottles, surf contest posters, coins, original photos, tikis, carvings, ukuleles, and other items that bear the stamp “Made in Hawaii” before China took over the manufacturing of all things. The “coconut wireless” tells us that Zane and Lauster will retire soon, so don’t wait to visit the best vintage and antique shop on Oahu. View location and more on Antique Alley.

Bailey’s Antiques and Aloha Shirts

517 Kapahulu Avenue, Honolulu

Vintage Stores Honolulu - Best Antique Shop in Oahu - Baileys

Bailey’s is the best known vintage shop on Oahu, thanks to its near proximity to Waikiki Beach. They are also heralded as one of the best places to buy authentic aloha shirts in Honolulu. Beyond their inventory of over 15,000 vintage button-ups, they also have tiki mugs, kitschy trinkets, magazines, and other items that call upon your desire to live in Hawaii circa 1940-60. View hours, location, and more on Bailey’s Antiques and Aloha Shirts.

The Vintage

43 Kamehameha Hwy, Wahiawa, HIĀ 

Vintage Stores Honolulu - Best Antique Shops Oahu
image: @thevintagehawaii

A stop at this small shop is also on our list of things to do in Wahiawa, where it’s located on the bubble of the North Shore. The Vintage doesn’t have a lot of stock, but what it does have is worth a gander. Their displays hold old Hawaiian literature, vinyl albums with slack key rhythms, collector spoons bearing the state flag, ceramics, and other curious odds and ends. Get directions here.

Back in the Day Hawaii

67-106 Kealohanui St, Waialua

Back in the Day Hawaii Vintage

Further along Kamehameha Highway from The Vintage (above) and into the Old Waialua Sugar Mill is a legitimate hole-in-the-wall called Back in the Day Hawaii. As the name signals, the tiny shop houses a cool collection of vintage Hawaiian wares. On any given day you can discover emptied Okolehau liquor decanters, dashboard hula girls, and costume jewelry. You may even find old machetes and tools that we’re once used in the sugarcane fields that drove the local economy many decades ago. View location and more on Back in the Day Hawaii.

Wiki Wiki One Day Vintage Collectibles & Hawaiiana Show

Neal S. Blaisdell Arena, 777 Ward Ave, Honolulu

Wiki Wiki One Day Vintage Collectibles and Hawaiiana Show

The Wiki Wiki One Day Vintage Collectibles & Hawaiiana Show is not an antique store. It’s a quarterly event that takes place at Honolulu’s Neal S. Blaisdell Center. Four-times per year, all of Oahu’s vintage stores and curators of Hawaiiana converge upon the arena to offer their goods to locals and visitors alike. It’s impossible to attend the affair and not leave without something for your collection. View up and coming dates for this essential vintage collectibles show and plan your next trip to Oahu accordingly.

Harbors Vintage

1253 S. Beretania Street, Honolulu

Vintage Stores Honolulu - Best Antique Shops Oahu
image: @harborsvintage

Harbors Vintage is for those on the hunt for vintage Hawaiian-style clothing, but we don’t mean aloha shirts. Instead, the shop is packed with hats, t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, and jerseys. If your father ran the Honolulu Marathon back in 1974 and can’t find his singlet to prove it, it might be hanging at Harbors Vintage. They also carry old surf brands such as Gotcha, Hang Ten, and Op along with a few concert tees from when icons played the Neal S. Blaisdell or Honolulu Convention centers. There are currently two Harbors Vintage locations, including one in Waikiki (here) but we recommend checking out the original at 1253 S Beretania Street (get directions) which has a cooler vibe.

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